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GSCI Advanced Photonics launches PVS-14 Augmented Reality Module at Enforce Tac

The Multi-Task Augmented Reality™ night vision monocular attachment heads-up display (MTAR™-HUD). Highly desired by professionals, the device is now entering the global market.

It is not just a tool, it is a necessity, as hundreds of thousands of Night Vision Monoculars which are currently in service can now be used to provide a helping hand to the operator - offering features such as GPS, Compass, Rangefinder, and Video Recorder. MTAR™-HUD transforms the elementary Night Vision Monocular into tactical tool to give the operator the ultimate advantage.

GSCI Advanced Photonics is well known as one of few manufacturers of high end optical-electronic equipment, with a track-record of over 30 years in the industry. End use customers who were lucky enough to get their hands on the newly developed MTAR-HUD during trials have said it is "simply a game changer", allowing you to transfer your basic night vision monocular into an all-in-one observation, detection, and augmented reality reconnaissance device.


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